What is the impact of a single act of kindness? How much sweeter is offering kindness after recovering from our brokenness and loss?

, the title song of Kim Ketola’s EP, is the capstone of what it looks like to live the life redeemed by God’s love.

Kim worked on the CD with Rick Baron, her producer and co-writer, to create songs that relate directly to her post-abortion healing journey.

Kim looked at Jesus’ encounters and interactions with those he healed. We can learn from and appropriate those ministry dynamics to the problem of abortion.

“We’re not told that anybody he met with in the gospels had actually participated in abortion or infanticide, which was the first century version of evading parenthood responsibilities… or sacrificing children to false gods. But we know that he encountered broken people, and we know that he encountered people in need of healing.”

One woman in particular that Kim focused in on was the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. The scriptures tell us that she had spent all of her money and all of her time looking for a cure, but nothing had helped her. She wasn’t supposed to be in the crowd when Jesus arrived that day, because of her medical issues she should have been isolated from everyone. But she took a chance and risked everything just to touch the hem of Jesus’ robe in the hopes of being healed.

Because of her faith she was healed, and although we can’t see Jesus in person here on earth, we can still take a chance and we can still have faith. It’s faith that will bring us healing and continued hope no matter what we’ve been through or what will come in the future.

Highlight: The Miracle

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