“It seems to me that God’s richest work, through our ministry, comes out of what he’s doing in our own hearts” – Micah Friese.

Priscilla Shirer is the co-founder of Going Beyond Ministries and has written many Bible studies including, The Armor of God, Gideon, Breathe, and Jonah.

Priscilla says writing Bible studies and co-founding an international ministry weren’t things she decided to do on her own. Before she discovered her calling in her life, God showed her how making Scripture personal in her own life could change it forever. This prompted her to grow in her relationship with Him and listen for His calling in her life which turned out to be writing Bible studies and leading a global ministry.

Never thinking too far ahead into the future, she followed step by step where she sensed the Lord was leading her through her quiet time with Him.

“It was like the Holy Spirit was taking out a divine highlighter, and causing it to leap up off of the page and really matter to me right then.”

Priscilla finds inspiration for the Bible studies she writes through her own quiet time with the Lord. She doesn’t read the Scripture with the sole purpose of “mining” the Scriptures for points for her next Bible Study.

Instead, she reads the Bible in a personal and intimate way, seeking God’s teaching, and His will for her life, letting the power of the Holy Spirit flood her soul and speak to her. After she has learned from the Scripture, she discerns if what she learned is something God wants her to share.

 “It’s when something reaches up and really grips me in my soul, its then when I apply it to my own life really carefully, and then out of that I just say ‘Lord is there something you want me to share with others.’”

Throughout her life, the Bible studies that God has penned through Priscilla have always originated from quiet times with her Lord, reading His Word.

When we open ourselves up to the Word of God and let it permeate our lives we will begin to see the path that God has laid out before us. Then, like Priscilla, we make the choice to go our own way, or follow the steps that God has and will set our clearly before us.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths” – Proverbs 3:5-6.

Making the Scripture personal with Priscilla Shirer