When we launched Cradle My Heart Radio in 2012, a large part of our mission and vision was to create a safe space to share our stories. Now helping us fulfill that mission is our partnership with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. The Campaign helps women and men prepare to speak out in safety for the benefit of others.

Irene Beltran Zamorano is the regional coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign for Santa Clara and surrounding counties. She was already a young mother at 24 when her marriage hit a rough patch. During her separation, Irene became pregnant. When the separation ended Irene was torn about how to proceed. The father of the child became a dangerous threat to Irene and her husband, who had agreed to adopt the baby and raise the child as his own.

At 24 weeks, she went for an ultrasound. Because she had mentioned her ambivalence and the fact that she had considered abortion, the staff proceeded to prep her for what she thought would be a routine ultrasound. Instead, she was prepped for an abortion and they administered a lethal drug. Irene was distraught and went with family to the hospital, desperately trying to save the baby.

Irene’s story of exploitation by the abortion facility is a heartbreaking reminder of how vulnerable women are being harmed every day in the name of legal choice.

Highlight – Vulnerable to abortion

Vulnerable to abortion