Being a missionary no longer requires a plane ticket across the world. The mission field is right in our back yard and we have to make the choice to embrace or ignore it.

Ed Stetzer discusses how Christians can be more like Jesus in an increasingly polarized culture.

“We have a mission force, that’s the followers of Jesus living on mission; the problem is the mission force is generally not engaging the mission field.”

The mission field is more secular and polarized than ever. However, we must acknowledge that God has called us to be on mission and follow Jesus on His mission.

“Ultimately we need to be known more for what we are for, than what we are against.”

How can live more like Jesus?


As Christians we should fight to proclaim and stand by our faith in Jesus Christ. Not belligerently, but through the grace of God. We won’t be able to do that unless God’s grace resides in us.

“Grace-filled people are going to speak in grace-filled and winsome ways. There are times to speak strongly and time to speak winsomely.”


It is important to listen well to those who disagree with us, instead of ignoring them because they think differently. As Christians, we want everyone to come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. If we tune them out, we greatly hinder our opportunity to connect with them and share the love of Christ.

Love unconditionally

As Christians, we should seek to love people despite our disagreements. Sharing patience and kindness during these times can lead to great witnessing opportunities.

“I’ve sat across the table from people that I deeply disagree with who are filled with anger who then said to me, ‘Why are you not angry about this’ and I said, ‘It’s because I have the peace that passes all understanding through Christ.’”


When show who Christ has made us to be, we can begin to share about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ has done in our lives.

“The world is going to know we’re different so let’s be more willing to show and share the love of Jesus.”

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