This week on The Exchange, listen as Ed Stetzer interviews author Shaunti Feldhahn about the good news that you probably haven’t heard about marriage.

You’ve probably heard people say that a few years after a couple gets married its all down hill from there, well that doesn’t have to be true. Marriage is not all doom and gloom. That’s the message Shaunti shares in her new book  .

What’s the good news about marriage?

“There is so much more hope for marriage then people think today. Everyone thinks of marriage as this crisis institution.”

Most marriages today are strong and happy for a lifetime. The myth that 50% of marriages end in divorce is not accurate. According to the Census Bureau 71% of women are still married to their first spouse. The other 29% cite death and divorce as reason for singleness.

Do Christians and non-Christians divorce at the same rate?

No! This commonly cited study that states that Christians and non-Christians divorce at the same rate is faulty because it only looks at the belief system of the participants. The study does not differentiate between Christians who go to church and those that do not.

“When a Christian attends church the divorce rate drops an additional 25-50%”

The fact of the matter is marriages do much better than most people think. In fact, on average 80% of marriages are happy marriages.

So what makes a good marriage?

“The overall picture is that most of the time it is not big ticket issues that are causing problems, it’s the little things.”

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The Good News about Marriage