Where do we find our hope and healing after an abortion?

Kim Ketola explains that the love of Jesus Christ is the answer. Jesus is the one who gives us our hope, whether we’ve experienced an abortion or are working in the trenches to try and help others from making that mistake.

Sometimes fighting against abortion can be discouraging as so many women choose that option every day. Kim explains that even when we feel as though you are not making a difference, it’s still important to keep fighting for help those in need.

“Jesus said that we are to bear fruit. He also said in the Gospels that fruit is our actions, not necessarily the results. If you’ve been toiling and you’ve never seen one person have hope dawn after abortion, [say] maybe you’re a sidewalk counselor, and you’ve never persuaded anyone to stop walking into that abortion facility, your fruit is the action that you took on Christ’s behalf. That is your fruit, not the result.”

So there is encouragement in the fact that God is not ignorant of what you are doing; He’s not unmindful of it. We are told that our labor of love is not in vain.

 “Your fruit is your action, expressing the love of Christ to people.”

We are able to access God’s mercy freely. Once Kim discovered this truth she was able to remove a mask she had been wearing for years.

“I no longer needed to be a person who was fronting some sort of image of success that was based on falsehoods and deceptions and lies. I found freedom to be able to share my stories with others, I found love in the form of Christian community from other people who understood and were able to effectively minister to me, and I found new friends who loved me because of the ability to be authentic and share just how far Jesus has gone to bring me back to himself.”

That same freedom is available to anyone who asks for it. God sees us working to carry out His will and wants to reward us for a job well done – even if that job doesn’t seem to yield results here on earth, the heavenly results will be there for the good and faithful servant.

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’” Matthew 25:23

Highlight – Your fruit is your actions

Your fruit is your actions

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