Across America, statistics continue to declare that young people are putting off marriage far later in life than they ever have before. Yet, in the Christian community, a young adult who stays single into their 20’s, early 30’s, and beyond can still feel a bit exotic!

We go On the Road today with a good friend of the program who found herself in a season of singleness, and – in her wondering what God had next for her – discovered a remarkable ministry to young people travelling a similar path.

Recently, she’s spoken out boldly about what a strong woman of God really looks like, and contrasts that vision in a compelling way with what society so often expects and idealizes.

Lauren DeMoss is the founder and author at She dislikes early mornings, spiders, and folding laundry. She likes shoe shopping (or any type of shopping really), ice cream, texting, tweeting, candy apples, and she loves her family, friends, and – more than anything – Jesus.

You can skip to our full conversation with Lauren at the bottom of this post, or discover some fascinating highlights first.

It was through the ups and downs of her path as a single young woman in the dating world that Lauren discovered her ministry. Now, she shares some really exciting news about discovering the joy of finding someone to spend her life with. She also reflects on her season of searching with the new-found realization that she learned things there she may never have discovered otherwise.

Highlight: Lessons learned

When things aren’t looking particularly hopeful in our quest for a mate, it can be a real temptation to settle for less. Did Lauren ever come to a point – or to points – where she nearly did just that?

Highlight: Settling for less

Lauren’s story has led her to the joy of discovering someone she loves, but what does she say to someone who looks at her journey and says something to the effect of, “Well that’s great for you, but I’ve tried everything I can – and it hasn’t worked. I’m just ready to give up….”?

Highlight: Time to give up

Turning to a discussion about society’s expectations for young women, & what a strong woman of God looks like – Lauren reflects on the profound challenges of growing up as a young woman in 2015.

Highlight: Expectations

So – if it’s true that meeting society’s standards for beauty and acceptance isn’t what really bring meaning to life – then what is the real source for the confidence and purpose we can live with and live out?

Highlight: Confidence

And now our full conversation with Lauren DeMoss – featuring bold insight & a practical response to our culture’s often tangled view of relationships, strength & purpose for young women – and for all of us.

Finding real hope and true strength