“We need to be loved by God, and by others, and by ourselves.”

Kim Ketola speaks on the topic of faith and what it means to believe. After the trauma of abortion, we can find ourselves trapped in a world of despair. Our shame, guilt, and unresolved grief can drag us down and make us feel unworthy. We don’t need to exist in that kind of world. Our faith is what sets us free from that, and it’s available to everyone, always.

How can our faith and belief free us from feelings of shame and guilt?

It starts with our love for God. When we have that love, and we have the faith that accompanies it, then we fulfill a huge spiritual need within ourselves.

“Faith is a huge spiritual need because it brings us meaning and hope in the midst of losses and tragedies and failures and the everyday awfulness of life.”

Without that faith, we are lost as to what our purpose is in this world. We are unable to achieve our true purpose and potential, and ultimately we are left with a craving and desire that we cannot fulfill on our own.

Non-believers will sometimes hold this sort of thinking against us. They will say that by believing that we can only find fulfillment in God, we take on a “holier than thou,” self-righteous position. But that’s not our goal as followers of Christ.

“It’s not that you become self-righteous because you believe in Christ; holiness is what makes moral behavior possible until we are… awakened by the Holy Spirit.”

Without that belief we can not truly accomplish moral living. There may be non-believers who do good things in the world, those who are kind and caring, but they cannot live truly moral lives until they have the Holy Spirit working with them, inside of them.

God’s greatest desire is for us to know and love Him. He wants us, as His children, to submit to Him and allow Him to change us. By believing in Him, and putting our faith in Him, He will change us and grant us the ability to fulfill our purpose of moral living. His holiness will fill us, and He will forgive us when we fail. He will grant us unexplainable peace, and we will feel his immeasurable love. All we need to do is ask for it, and have faith in Him that He will grant it to us, and our belief and love for Him will be enough.

Highlight: Finding freedom in faith

Finding freedom in faith