On this edition of The Exchange, Ed interviews Guy Nolan, producer of the documentary Hard Corps as well as Christine Caine, founder of the A21 Campaign about the epidemic of human trafficking.

Many people believe that slavery in America ended after the Civil War. However, slavery is still lurking behind a shroud of secrecy and darkness.

In his documentary, Hard Corps, producer Guy Noland seeks to reveal the tangled web of despair between prostitution, pornography, and human trafficking.

Through his film, Noland hopes to not just raise awareness that human trafficking exists but to help inspire people to actually go do something about it.

Ed’s other guest; Christine Caine is the founder of the A21 Campaign, an organization that seeks to fight human trafficking and sex slavery around the world.

When Christine was first faced with the reality of sex slavery it was unfathomable for her that slavery could still exist in the modern age.

At first she didn’t think she could do anything. Then she remembered that she has a voice and that God could use her voice to do her part to stop human trafficking.

The first step is to stop sweeping the issue of human trafficking under the rug. It is real and it is more prevalent than ever.

As Christians, we have to begin the dialogue about slavery, bringing the issue to the light, asking God how we can help.

“There’s more light then there is darkness, if the light would just come out and begin to be a voice then we could just obliterate the darkness.”

Christine discusses how there are more Christians than those involved with human trafficking and if we continue to engage with our words and our actions we can overwhelm the darkness of this world with the light of Christ.

The epidemic of human trafficking