On this edition of The Exchange, Jim Daly explores how to engage the culture for Christ in a compassionate and winsome way.

Jim Daly is an author and president of Focus on the Family. His radio program won program of the year from the National Religious Broadcasters Association in 2015.

“I am a conservative at my core but at the same time I have to be a Christian first and foremost” — Jim Daly

There is a difference between conservative and Christian. Many people are speaking from the cultural conservative point of view and Daly has taken it upon himself to bring the Christian perspective to that side of the aisle.

Daly says he has found himself defending Jesus the way Peter defended Jesus in the garden, of his own volition. Jesus rebuked Peter for taking up his sword against the guard that was threatening Jesus and the Apostles.

On the contrary, when Stephen was being stoned, instead of fighting back, Stephen, who was filled with the Holy Spirit, prayed that God would forgive those that were persecuting him. Heaven opened up and Stephen saw Jesus sitting at the right hand of God. Stephen did not take up the sword against his accusers, instead he showed the Love of God, and he was rewarded.

The church needs to raise up more people with the same attitude that Stephen had. Even when a Christian feels like they are losing they are not. When we are weak, God is strong. God always wins, His will is never frustrated by anything in the world.

Laying down our lives is an extreme and appropriate example of Christian love. God calls Christians to love their neighbors not to straighten them out themselves.

Christians need to love others and let the power of the Holy Spirit change hearts. It is important to not only vocalize the gospel but to demonstrate it as well. Actions speak louder than words.

Christians are under a microscope now more than ever it is imperative for Christians to display how faith changes them and makes them different and improves their lives.

“It is important to do the Word not just speak the truth.”

Engaging culture with compassion