As kids, we had moments where we imagined what the future would look like. Maybe we pictured being a cowboy, a firefighter, or maybe – if we were really feeling ambitious – even President of the United States.

Now those types of imaginative moments don’t tend to be particularly predictive – yet other aspects of childhood imagination look quite a bit more reasonable. Nearly all of us probably envisioned that, when we grew up, we’d find someone to spend our lives with. But, for more Americans than ever before, we’re travelling the road of life without a sidekick.

So what about us singles? Are we just exotic? Is marriage something we should even want in 2015? And how can we navigate the ever more befuddling realm of dating in a way that honors God – and actually works?

We go back On the Road with someone who’s walking that very path herself, and we discover a fresh take and hopeful, practical advice for the journey.

Lisa Anderson leads the young adult division at Focus on the Family, and hosts a weekly podcast and radio program called The Boundless Show.  Her book is called 

There is a fairly pervasive belief that we ought to have our lives pretty much together before we consider marriage, yet – is that a reasonable thing to expect?

Ducks in a row

Sometimes in our effort to trust God for our future, have we almost come to look down on taking intentional and active steps toward pursuing relationships that could go somewhere?

Trust and action

Dating in 2015 is one of the more confusing realms we’ll encounter. So why is this so hard?!


And now here’s our full conversation with Lisa Anderson! There’s much more insight, practical advice, and quite a few laughs as well.

The Dating Manifesto