Having Christian faith is no guarantee that you won’t ever choose abortion.

But acting against your own beliefs can make recovery that much more challenging.

Sheila Harper knows this firsthand. Although she had a difficult early childhood, including the death of her mother in a car accident which almost took Sheila’s life when she was four years old, she eventually came to know love and acceptance in the home of her aunt and uncle. She was a good student and fit the image of the good girl. When she got to college, however, poor choices led to an untimely pregnancy. Knowing it was wrong, and against the wishes of her boyfriend, Sheila chose abortion.

Many years of self-destructive behavior followed. Sheila abused drugs, amassed spiraling credit card debts, became promiscuous, and even attempted suicide. But eventually Sheila returned to faith and found healing within her local church.

Her joy was so great that she wanted everyone to experience the freedom in Christ she’d found.

Out of that experience, Sheila started Save One. What began as a Bible study at her church grew to an international outreach now operating in 16 countries. Save One is unique in its approach of serving both men and women with equal emphasis.

Highlight- When a Christian chooses abortion

When a Christian chooses abortion