You can bring marketplace ministry to your workplace. It only takes one person to start a workplace group. Is God calling you to be the first in your workplace?

We are all called to testify to our faith and share Christ everywhere we go. Many of us spend a good portion of our time in the workplace. If you are not in the workplace, then your neighborhood, school, or the places you spend most of your time is your “workplace.”  You do not have to be part of an organized group to share Christ; God has given us all a sphere of influence share our faith in Christ Jesus.

What does a call to marketplace ministries look like?

I assure you, there is no one “job description.” God has made our faith walks as individually unique as He has made each of us. This is good news! Be encouraged to know God will use who we are and our natural talents wherever He sends us.

I love to share the details of my call to walk out my faith in the corporate work world on a broad basis by participating in an official Christian group as a leader. However, I do so with a caution because your feet may have a similar place to trod; but God may direct your steps in a very different way. You do not have to be in a leadership role or participate in a sanctioned group to walk out your calling. Ministry happens on a one-to-one basis with everyone we interact with every day.

My path has included participation in an employee resource group. When I first learned about a newly organized and sanctioned Christian group in my workplace I was intrigued. Never having heard of Christian groups in the workplace and curious to learn, I made arrangements to meet with one of the new leaders. It as at this meeting that I first heard the term “marketplace ministries.”

Much to my surprise, it was after that first meeting that I was offered a position on the council. I’ve had the opportunity, honor, and privilege to serve in various capacities of leadership in our employee group since 2003.

In my workplace employee groups are called ERGs – Employee Resource Groups. I serve on is the Christian Employee Resource Group (CERG, pronounced “surge”).

The company I work for has thirteen approved employee groups, one of which is the Christian group. All ERGs are under the guidance of our Diversity and Inclusion department and are approved with business leader sponsorship. ERGs have a leadership team and an advisory board and membership is open to all employees. These groups contribute to recruitment, retention, employee development, and community outreach. Employee groups align with the company’s mission and contribute to external recognition. All ERGs, including a Christian employee group, make good business sense!

CERG has an approved vision, purpose, structure and practices. CERG contributes toward a vibrant, healthy workplace where faith and work are celebrated together to enhance the quality of life for all employees.

A Christian employee resource group create places for Christian employees to connect for praise, prayer, fellowship, and encouragement. It is in these activities that we can grow and develop in our walk with Jesus. We see ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ in the workplace, there to love and care for each other while we up hold our company’s highest ethical values and demonstrate Christian principles in the workplace. Our groups supports Bible studies, prayer groups, and sponsors employee events.