Just this month, the researcher George Barna shared that, across America, less than 1 in 4 of those who identify as Christians also say they’ve read through the whole Bible. In an age where more information is available with greater ease than ever, are we somehow losing touch with the central foundation of our faith?

Today we go On the Road and meet a young man who sees the problem, and isn’t simply bemoaning it – he is doing something!

In college, he felt a tug on his heart to start reading the Bible aloud on campus, and even though he had misgivings, he started doing just that. 

That then led to a Bible reading movement that started bringing together the student body, and has – in turn – led today to an effort that’s taking the spoken word of God to churches, camps, and even homes in communities across the region.

The ministry is called Josiah’s Gift, and the young man behind it is Mark Beck. To hear our full conversation, you can skip right to the bottom of this post. Otherwise – here are some fascinating highlights first.

Mark explains how the unlikely story of an Old Testament king inspired his ministry, and shares the heart behind his outreach.

Highlight: The Heart of Josiah’s Gift

So what happens – and what do people encounter – when Mark goes to a church, community group, or even a bible study and shares?

Highlight: What happens

The most common question that people ask Mark is how on earth he can memorize so much so effectively. He shares his thoughts and offers some strategy on memorizing.

Highlight: Strategizing

And now here’s our full chat with Mark Beck of Josiah’s Gift, featuring the full story on this fascinating effort.

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