Not long ago we talked with Dr. Mark Yarbrough about his book How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor. Professor Yarbrough brings a fresh, practical and fun approach to understanding the Bible, and he will be our ‘guest professor’ on this special installment of Ask The Professor. Hear his perspective, insight, and advice for application as we talk bible questions on Connecting Faith.

Professor Yarbrough started the conversation by explaining 3 basic ways to read the bible like a seminary professor:

•  Know it

•  Work it

•  Live it

We need to anchor ourselves in the Bible and Know the Bible, then work it to understand it, and the of course we need to live it – the Bible wasn’t just written to satisfy our curiosity, it’s supposed to show us how to live.

How are we supposed to live our lives in the truth of God’s word? By simply asking important questions we have an opportunity to gain understanding and perspective while reading our Bibles. During the hour, we opened up the phone lines to take your questions on the Bible, faith, and the church. Highlights from today’s show include some of your most compelling questions on these provoking topics:

•  What is the benefit of using Bible commentaries?

•  Is cremation disrespectful to our bodies?

•  When Jesus says that he forgives the people and to “go and sin no more” what does that mean?

•  Are there any Catholic’s Doctrines found in the Bible?

•  Considering there are many Bible translations, is there only one translation that is God’s Word?

•  Many church services focused on speaking in tongues and baptisms of the Holy Spirit back in the 70’s and 80’s, why aren’t these services as prevalent in recent years?

•  As believers, we are going to need to address issues of sexuality more now than in the past – where should we start the discussion?

Listen online as professor Yarbrough shared answers to all of these questions and more! If you missed the opportunity to call during the live show, submit your questions online by clicking here.

Ask the Professor

Key scriptures: John 8Psalm 105, Psalm 1191 Corinthians 16