There are many different evangelical churches in the United States and they all share the same purpose, to spread the Gospel.

Mark Batterson joins The Exchange to discuss the perspective he and his congregation bring to church. Mark is the lead pastor at National Community Church in Washington D.C.

“Our heart beat is missions.”

On average, NCC goes on 32 mission trips per year and has donated almost two-million dollars to missions. They also opened a coffee house on Capitol Hill with the intention of fostering a connection between church and community. Maintaining their mission focus, all of the profit from the coffee shop goes into supporting various missions.

“We think the church ought to be the most creative place on the planet.”

Mark and his congregation take time to creatively consider how they get the vibrant young adult population of their city involved in the church.

 “They don’t want half of the Gospel, they don’t want a watered down Gospel.”

Mark says people are responding to the call to take up their cross daily and follow Christ.

“People want something worth giving their life to. We’re not soft-selling anything. If Jesus isn’t Lord of all, He’s not Lord at all.”

National Community Church is well-known for having multiple church campuses located in unorthodox locations such as movie theaters and other venues.

“People found theaters to be a safe place where then we could preach a dangerous message.”

Batterson likes the idea of getting himself and his congregation out of the church and into the community. NCC hopes to have 20 locations by the year 2020.

 “A church that stays in its four walls isn’t a church at all.”

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Mark Batterson: National Community Church