Host Kim Ketola recalls the first time she shared her abortion story. Her first time speaking out wasn’t at a church, but rather it was a difficult decision she made to publicly share at a drug and alcohol Teen Challenge rehab center.

“As I pondered whether and how to answer that invitation, it occurred to me that my career in broadcasting was probably going to come to an end because I didn’t deserve public esteem… I was going to be sharing the truth about the fact that I had exercised cowardice and that I had acted in self-defense against a defenseless child and I couldn’t justify it.”

Even though she knew that she was forgiven and redeemed, she worried about what the consequences would be for showing what her character had been at the time. She thought that the reactions would be negative and career-ending, but when she courageously told her testimony, the response surprised her.

“I got a very different reaction when I went and told that story because I told the story of what God did. I told the story who Jesus is. I told the story of being made new, and no longer being that bad character, and it was amazing how I was welcomed and how the story was received. I would never have predicted it in a million years, and I certainly didn’t do it to receive any accolades.”

Kim found a great freedom in sharing her story, and it lead to her now helping many women and men who have faced abortion. Have you ever considered sharing your story in your church? Or how about sharing it in your faith community, small group, or Bible study? It’s impact to hear the stories of those who are living in a safe place with the abortion in their past because it gives encouragement, and it can also open up the doors to new opportunities.

After Kim shared her story for that first time she was led to start a conference ministry with several others, inviting people to come to church.

“…we had Dr. Theresa Burke from Rachel’s Vineyard, and others who had professional credentials, so that we presented a conference that was professionally accredited by the state of Minnesota for marriage and family therapists and social workers and licensed psychologists – a faith based conference on post-abortion healing.”

It’s an amazing thing that Minnesota provided that curriculum because the American Psychological Association says there’s no such thing as post-abortion stress, but God had big plans for that ministry. One pastor’s words in particular struck Kim as he observed the ministry field before them. He noted,

“Kim, this is an amazing ministry. This is like a triage in an active battlefield as you’re going out under the fire to snatch those wounded and bring them back to care.”

Kim says that although no people are shooting at her right now, and that the battle is so much bigger, there are still so many people who are wounded and who need aid from those who have been healed.

Have you found a safe place in your church or in a post-abortion Bible study? Or are you being called to create that safe place for others by sharing your story? Kim encourages you to not be afraid to open up to others, especially if you have already found healing and can show others how to get there.

Sharing your abortion story