When I was hosting my daily talk show on Faith Radio I used to get calls from listeners who would say,

“The Bible doesn’t even mention the word ‘abortion,’ therefore, it’s just a matter of individual choice.”

Maybe you have also had conversations with people who are not persuaded that abortion is a moral issue, but simply a medical procedure. Someone once said to me that it’s an issue of free will,

“God will just sort that out, you should not be taking a position on it.”

How about you? Are you convinced that the Scriptures are silent on abortion?

The foundation of my hope is knowing how God sees abortion and how God sees us after we choose it. In fact, healing from the guilt and grief of my abortion choice began with being able to identify and embrace the truth from the Bible as it pertains to these questions.

Pamela Christian is the author of Examine Your Faith: Finding Truth in a World of Lies. We discussed how to examine your faith in light of a comparison with other world religions, and why it’s important to do so–not just on any one question–but for the whole of life.

Highlight – Examine your faith

Examine your faith: why abortion is much more than a choice