Jason Jones joined us this week to share his story of how abortion can make victims of men. Jason suffered lost fatherhood in a devastating case of forced abortion involving his high school sweetheart.

He also shared with us the hope embedded in his story: even after suffering the painful and personal injustice of an abortion happening against their will, men can emerge as heroes. Jason’s response to the news of the abortion was immediate and lasting; he has made it his purpose to work tirelessly to end abortion in our time.

One of the many ways Jason pursues that passion is through producing films with prolife themes. His credits include Bella, The Stoning of Soraya M., and Crescendo.

Jason partnered with Pattie Mallette for Crescendo. You may remember Pattie made news on the Today Show in 2012 with her story of deciding against abortion when she was pregnant and scared at seventeen. That child grew up to be Justin Beiber, and Pattie has remained committed to helping women make a better choice than abortion. One of the ways she’s followed that commitment is through the short film Crescendo which has raised over $5 million for the pregnancy help movement since its release in 2011.

Highlight – Abortion can make men victims-and heroes

Abortion can make men victims-and heroes

From Jason’s bio:

Jason Scott Jones is a film producer, author, activist, and human rights worker. Jones was a producer on the 2006 film, Bella, which won several film industry awards, most notably the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival. Jason was the associate producer of the 2008 film, The Stoning of Soraya M., which won the NAACP Image Award in 2010 as well as the Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award in 2009. His short films include Eyes to See (2010) and Crescendo (2011). He was producer in 2012 of the TV movie Mother Marianne: Portrait of a Saint. He works directly to aid the homeless, peoples facing genocide, and women with crisis pregnancies. He is president of Movie to Movement and the Human Rights Education Organization (H.E.R.O.). Jason is a frequent media guest and contributor to Fox News Commentary. He lives in Hawaii. The Race to Save Our Century is his first book.