It’s Memorial Day Weekend.

Barbeques are planned. People have arranged their vacations months ahead of time for these three days.

There are retail sales everywhere–mattresses, cars, televisions, clothes–in fact, it’s known as one of the biggest “sale” times of the year. The commercialism can be deafening.

We’re forgetting.

I’ve seen dozens of tv commercials depicting what people will be doing this weekend. Not one of them has referenced the reason this holiday is here in the first place.

I don’t know why it’s hitting me harder this year. I have never lost a friend or loved one while they were on active duty in the military. Perhaps it’s simply because of my fear that people have, or eventually will, completely forget about the reason for the holiday: to honor those in the military who died defending our country.

I’m not saying to skip your vacation, the backyard BBQ, or any other activities you have planned over the weekend. Time spent together with family and friends is priceless.

But please….don’t forget.