Rest in the season of rush. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? A contradiction, an incompatible blending of opposites…Rest in the midst of rush? Is that actually possible?

You have every right to be skeptical. There does seem to be more to do than time in which to do it all. So while we are poised at the threshold of what could arguably be the busiest months (if you have children!), I invite you push pause with me and consider how you might provide yourself with some rest amidst all the rush.

As humans, we often get stuck in a “continuous play mode”, doing things the same way year in and year out. With a bit of forethought, some streamlining, and a dash of discipline, you may find yourself feeling rested, peaceful, and refreshed the whole season through!

Index fingers ready? Let’s begin.

PUSH PAUSE: Each morning, begin your day by sitting down to eat a healthy breakfast while absorbing some spiritual nourishment as well. Rather than beginning the day in a flurry of activity, reading from the Bible or a devotional book will establish a “first things first” order to your day.

PUSH PAUSE: Too much of a good thing is usually not a good thing. So list all your tasks on a piece of paper and then brainstorm as to how you can cut back on 20% of the time you spend on each. Then you can reallocate that new-found time to relish in some rest.

PUSH PAUSE: Don’t cheat your body out of the seven to eight hours of sleep it needs—just to accomplish more. In the end, while you may think you’ve “won” by cramming in more tasks, you actually lose…you lose your joy, peace, patience, perspective, and often, your health.

PUSH PAUSE: Finally, when each day closes, establish a new restful habit when your head hits the pillow. Rather than run through a list of what still needs to be done, reflect on the goodness of the day, your accomplishments, and give thanks for the gift of restful slumber.