Here’s a question that was recently asked.  “What do you suggest I do as a grandmother of six, whose grandkids are constantly playing with those electronic gadgets when they visit?”

This is not a question your grandmother had to ask.  Today, however, kids who are mesmerized by “electronic gadgets” is a common occurrence and something that might be annoying more than one grandmother.

There are several positives associated with all the electronic devices available to young people today.

Unfortunately there are also negatives.  And one of those is a withdrawal from the folks around you – in this case Grandma. The challenge for this grandparent and others who find themselves in this situation is to find something that will be equally or more appealing than kids’ phones or i-pads.

This might sound very elementary, but we’d encourage grandparents to personally engage with their grandkids.  It’s very possible the kids will find the attention appealing and maybe even a little unusual.  Play a board game together.  Talk together.  Laugh together. Make it fun!!  Give your grandchild your undivided attention.  One of the best ways an adult can connect with a child is to play together.

And what about those “electronic gadgets? Maybe your grandkids could teach you a little something.  Be ready to learn and to play.  There’s an app for that!