Now here’s a concept for you.

Let your kids fail.

There has never been anything more true and more necessary and more difficult. We naturally have a desire to protect our kids and help them succeed. How can we let them fail?

Failure is necessary so our kids can learn. I remember a time when my oldest was very young and no matter how many times I had told her don’t touch the stove it is hot…guess what she did? Yup. Touched the stove and got a pretty significant burn. Of course I was sad and worried and wanted to fix her pain, but ultimately a very good lesson was learned…the stove really is hot.

While this is a great life lesson for us and our kids, how does this apply to our spiritual lives?

I think it may apply to the times that God allows us to fail. He has a plan and He is so patient to shape us and mold us. He simply has to be since I know I am very stubborn.

How do we share with our kids that God will allow us to fail and still use it for His glory?

Life isn’t perfect for the Christian…it isn’t all sunshine and roses just because we believe. How do we explain that our good and loving God allows these things for a reason and sometimes for reasons we will never know?

Pretty abstract concept for very concrete minds. Thoughts?

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