Here’s a fun family time idea:

Let’s go on a treasure hunt!

To start this lesson, send each of your kids on a “treasure hunt” to their room.

Their job is to find one item in their room that is very special to them, and bring them to share with the family. It’s kind of like an “under the bed show-and-tell”.

Have each of your kids share what makes that “treasure” special to them.

Then take a moment to read through Matthew 6:19-20.

“In these verses, Jesus talks about treasures on earth, and treasures in heaven. We’ve each had a chance to share about something that is very special to us. These are treasures that we have here on earth. God provided them for our enjoyment. These things are very important to us.

Our treasures in heaven are the things that are important to God. What do you think some of THOSE treasures may be?”

Take some time to talk through God’s treasures with your children. Ask them what they can do this week to “store up” some of those treasures.

Prayer time:

Father, thank you for what you have provided for us, but help us treasure the things that YOU treasure. May the things that are important to you, be the things that are important to us.


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