Most parents see the benefit in enjoying a good book and want to instill the love of reading in their kids.  So what can a parent do to encourage the love of reading?

The answer may sound very old fashioned, but it is also very effective. Introduce your child to the local library and help him navigate that wonderful resource. Find books about topics that interest him. Actually let your child find the books.  Your job is simply to act as a guide.

Don’t demand that your child choose books that are written on his reading level.  A book written for a younger child can get a child started on the adventure of reading.  So can a magazine or even a comic book.

Reading to your children is another way to get kids started. You can do this long after they are able to read themselves.  Start by reading a chapter or two of a good book like one of the Chronicles of Narnia and before long your kids will be picking up the book to see what will happen next.

If your kids see you enjoying a good book they are more likely to model that behavior.  Growing up I (John) didn’t enjoy reading.  All that changed when I became an Air Force pilot and was with Strategic Air Command, on alert 7 days a month…24 hours a day.  That’s when reading became a source of enjoyment. I found books that actually interested me.  I (Kendra) like to read and only took a brief hiatus from reading “books of choice” during college when I was glued to my textbooks.  Novels are my favorite!  John likes biographies.

What ways have you found to interest your kids in reading?