Paul Angone’s family comes from Kansas farm stock. Even though the best-selling author & speaker spends most of his time in urban settings these days, there’s something about life on the farm that impacts the millennial expert. Specifically when it comes to the simple act of showing up.

“So my grandpa was a farmer. My uncles are farmers, and I love going out there. I am drawn to that lifestyle. That mentality: consistent, showing up and doing the work. Even when I don’t feel like it.”

“I think my generation gets knocked for that a little bit, you know? We have our feelings on our sleeve a little bit. We’re not afraid to voice our opinions. So it’s a constant reminder to me to keep showing up, to keep doing good work.”

He recently took to his must-follow twitter account to explain that inspiration doesn’t always look we imagine.

Sometimes the most inspired thing you can do is to keep showing up when you feel uninspired.”

Because I think some of the best work doesn’t happen because of inspiration and motivation. I think some of the best work, and some of the best things that have happened, come out of necessity. Out of this place where I have no other way to go. I can’t pay my rent. I’m struggling, and I just have to figure this out. I have to make this work. I have to just keep plugging away.”

That is where the farming analogy re-enters the discussion.

“And there’s the consistency to it. I have to get my crops to grow, or nobody’s going to eat. There’s great work that happens there. So it’s constantly trying to tell my feelings – I might not feel good right now. I might not feel like anybody is reading my stuff, you know. Some days, I’m like, ‘What am I doing?’ This is a constant struggle. And I think everybody goes through that.”

“So it’s a reminder to keep plowing the ground. Keep working it. Keep showing up. Keep doing good work. Be consistent. Be humble. Good things are going to happen. Fruit is going to come, but you can’t keep pulling your seeds out of the ground and keep trying all these new things because you’re chasing some new get rich quick scheme. You’ve got to be consistent with that.”

Paul Angone is a prominent advocate for millennials. He’s authored best selling books like 101 Secrets For Your Twenties & All Groan Up: Searching for Self, Faith, and a Freaking Job!. Paul is a go-to national keynote speaker and the creator of

On the Road with Paul Angone

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