We’ve had such a wonderful year of ministry here at Faith Radio – let me share a little of what God has done over the past 12 months or so!

Countless lives encouraged and helped through the relevant Bible preaching and family focused teaching!  Here’s a recent note from one of our Twin Cities listeners:

“I’m so grateful that I found your station two months ago. Keep doing what you are doing every day as so many people need what you offer. Blessings to all of you.”

Growth in our outreach:

November 2015
The new 90.7 FM signed on in the Twin Cities!  This new FM signal for Faith Radio has opened the door to tens of thousands of new listeners in Minneapolis & St. Paul.  These are people, who for whatever reason, never visit the AM Dial  We are hearing from new listeners regularly saying that they have just “discovered” Faith Radio!

April 2016
Faith 1290 in Hartford, Connecticut signed on!  This 500 watt AM daytime station reaches 890,000 people each day and was given to us by our friends at K-LOVE.  (A new FM signal at 94.1, repeating Faith 1290, will be on the air soon.)

May 2016
Faith 104.7 FM signed on in Madison, WI. Repeating Faith 1190 and a few weeks later Faith 93.1 in Waterloo signed on repeating  1090.  BOTH of these FM stations will add significant listener potential to the Madison and Waterloo listening areas especially by providing night-time coverage.

November 2016
Faith Radio recently received approval from the FCC for 97.5 FM. When constructed (Spring 2017), 97.5 will be transmitting with 250 Watts from the Wells Fargo Building in St. Paul.  We are very grateful for this opportunity!

Giving to Faith Radio has been at an all-time high – thank you!  Your support of Faith Radio is changing lives – thank you!

As we head into this holiday season – thank you for listening, praying and supporting Faith Radio. God bless you!

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