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Faith at work

How can we steward our work well? What does it mean to live for Christ in the business world? Listen as Susie talks with Austin Hill, of Austin Hill’s Big World of Small Business and the new voice of our morning show. They explore faith, righteousness, justice, and joy in the workplace. Austin offers his thoughts on many topics,…

Susie Larson


What every graduate should know

Charles Sykes, author of Dumbing Down Our Kids, shared a list of things high school and college graduates did not learn in school. As many high school students near graduation, let’s take a look at those. Here are the first 5 “rules,” as Skyes called them.  Rule 1: Life if not fair – get used to it!  Rule 2: The world doesn’t care…


Where’s my star of Bethlehem?

I have the privilege of hearing people’s stories around work and calling every week. Let me introduce you to three people (not their real names) who are asking: “where’s my star of Bethlehem?” Meet Michelle. She has been a successful freelancer in the field of marketing for years, until last year. Her big client that has given her…


Employment checkup

The majority of new jobs created in the US in the past year have been low paying and part-time and many of today’s younger workers have been impacted the most—with an increasing number no longer looking for work.  What’s happening in the workforce?  What’s the difference between jobs and work? What steps should we be taking to find…

Carmen LaBerge


Why work?

It’s summertime and many teenagers are looking for ways to earn money. Is the reward for work only a financial reward?


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