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A mom’s thankfulness

“I am Thankful For… a God who cares so much for me that he patiently listens to what I want, but then wisely decides to give me what I need.”


Peace that passes understanding

“Be anxious for nothing.” is not a command, but an outcome that depends on living out the words that follow. We can be free from anxiety through prayer and thanksgiving.


The truth about Thanksgiving calories

Hello – Coach Wendie here to share Visibly Fit™ mind, body, and spirit tips with you this week. And this week we’re discussing those Thanksgiving calories. MIND: With the Thanksgiving holiday in just a few days, many are thinking about the meal that will be served. From the turkey to the stuffing to the traditional family…



Thanksgiving memories of Peppermint Patty and my sister’s hair on fire!

Both of these things remind me of Thanksgiving; which in turn fill my heart with warm fuzzies and thankfulness. It was in the late 80′s, so our hair was big and exteremly flammable thanks to Aqua Net.  Jennifer simply leaned over to ask if someone could pass the rolls and whoosh……a Thanksgiving bonfire. The next few minutes are quite…


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