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Lisa Harper


Redefining happiness

Being grateful on a daily basis will bring contentment and happiness into our lives. It may even change the world around us.


Peace in the ‘overextended’ season

When our plates are full with family, ministry, travel and career, we need to embrace God’s grace and stay dependent on Him. On this Live the Promise we hear Susie’s discussion with author and Women of Faith speaker Lisa Harper. She shares how to find peace and joy in Christ in the midst of a busy life, and sometimes Overextended, life.…

Susie Larson


Stumbling into grace

In a world that screams for perfection, we serve a God who loves us in spite of our flaws. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise we’ll hear Susie’s discussion with her good friend, author and Women of Faith speaker Lisa Harper. Lisa helps us unpack the truth of walking by faith, and stumbling into God’s amazing grace. Key Scriptures:…

Susie Larson


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