“The Holy Spirit Himself will reveal what you need to know and believe about His manifestation.”

The third Person of the Trinity has been a source of mystery, conversation, and controversy in the church for the past 2,000 years. Lisa Harper says there is a mystery to be sure, but we can’t get caught up in arguments about speaking in tongues and prophecy. We’re missing the larger point.

“Once these young believers [in Acts 2] were visited by the Holy Spirit, they were filled. They were satisfied. They had power. They had this deep contentment in their relationship with Jesus that was brought to them by the Holy Spirit.”

Lisa says we can see the Holy Spirit as Jesus described Him.

“He is our comforter. He’s the One who reminds us we have a right to call God ‘Abba, Father.’”

Did the Holy Spirit bring the gift of tongues at one point in history? Yes. Lisa personally believes the gift of tongues is still for today, but she’s not willing to divide over that.

“Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Jesus says, ‘You will receive power from the Holy Spirit.’ The manifestation of tongues is just one of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit; there are so many more.”

How can you know you are filled with the Holy Spirit?

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have power?

Do our witness?

Am I full?

If you can’t answer “yes” to all of those, you may be missing out on characteristics of the Holy Spirit.

Regardless of your view on the spiritual gifts, Jesus said all of His followers would receive power from the Holy Spirit – and that can look many different ways. The fruit of the Spirit is described in Galatians 5 – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. If we’re exhibiting these things in increasing capacity as we follow Christ, it’s a sign that we’re walking in the power of the Spirit.

Lisa’s done extensive study on this, but recognizes that we’re all starting from square one in seeking to understand an eternal God. It’s a conversation that calls for humility.

How do we get started? Read the Word of God and ask God the Holy Spirit to move in your heart.

“If you don’t have a relationship with that third aspect of our Trinitarian God then I would encourage you to pursue it.”

Key Scriptures: Acts 17:6Acts 2Acts 15

Featured Songs: Press On by Mandisa; The Same Power by Jeremy Camp; Grace Wins by Matthew West

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