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Vince Miller

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Vince grew up on the west coast and was born in Vallejo, California where he spent most of his childhood. At around the age of 20 he made a profession of faith while in college and felt a significant call to work in full-time ministry. Over the last 21 years he has worked with notable ministries such as Young Life, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and Eagle Brook Church. In January of 2014, he founded Resolute out of his passions for discipleship and leadership. Vince is an authentic and transparent leader who loves to communicate to audience of all types and has a deep passion to communicate God’s Word.

He would best describe himself as a strategist, consultant, and people developer. His primary motivated abilities are in the influencing arena where he likes to communicate, persuade, mentor, initiate, and develop people and align them for maximum impact so that teams, systems, and organizations can succeed at a high level. The primary subject matter of his influencing ability are intangibles like thoughts, values, and concepts, which enable him to work best by leading through teams. Vince is well-known for conducting strategic analyses and designing pathways through complex problems and issues while coaching and developing others through leadership obstacles. His experience, skill, and desire to address challenges in difficult and adverse environments sets him apart from others who may tend toward avoiding these conditions. Most will notice immediately that he is self-motivated, goal-oriented, and gifted influencer who communicates effectively and possesses unique maturity in wisdom, communication, teaching, knowledge, and discernment.


Maintaining your composure

Whatever issue we face, whatever happens in our marriage, or at work, with our finances, we lean into the struggle, remaining compounded in Christ.


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