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John Brandon

John Brandon is the Digital Media Director at Northwestern Media. In his role, he serves the digital needs of a fast-growing network of teach-talk and Christian radio stations across the Midwest.

He has a BA in journalism from the University of Northwestern and spent over a decade in the corporate world, becoming an Information Design Director at Best Buy Corporation in the Twin Cities. In the aftermath of corporate restructuring, he traded hats in 2001 to become a full-time writer/journalist and has published more than 15,000 articles in that time. He and his wife live west of Minneapolis and have four grown children.

His new book The 7-Minute Productivity Solution debuts in January of 2022 on Revell Books.


Godly perseverance is possible 

It's tempting to think of perseverance as scraping by through life and assuming things will not get any better, but Scripture has a very different narrative for us.


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