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Marriage + Family

You complete me

If you grew up during the 1990’s, you might recall one of the “hottest” romantic movies of that era—Jerry Maguire. For those of us who’ve seen the movie, who can forget the cheesy, lovey-dovey line delivered by none other than Tom Cruise? During what may be the movie’s most memorable scene, Tom Cruise enters, looks intently at Rene…


Sometimes it’s OK to be a “bad” parent

No, your children are not going to suffer from lifelong feelings of neglect, which will prevent them from becoming the next President or brain surgeon or great NFL quarterback, simply because you had a day where you were just too exhausted and you let them watch Sponge Bob all afternoon. Hyperbole is maybe the biggest battle we face…



Dating and blended families

Single parents and blended families are becoming the norm, and moving from ‘single’ to ‘blended’ is not without its challenges. Ron Deal has been giving practical, biblical, encouraging advice to single parents for many years as founder of Smart Stepfamilies. He joins us to take on the topic of Dating and the Single Parent and…


Are you a tired mom?

“I am pregnant, work full-time, and have a young son. When our son needs anything in the night my husband expects me to get up. I'm a tired mom. Help!”


Sharing our faith with our kids

This year the kids and I have been starting each morning with devotions. First, we read the day’s devotional from Jesus Calling for Kids. We are really enjoying those and talking about the challenges the author gives in how to live a life that lives with an ear attuned to Christ. Then we turn to the Bible. Last week we finished…


God-fearing kids

Wanting to raise your kids to be God-fearing, upstanding people is a lot of work. But Erin Davis has written a series of books with the aim of helping parents lead their daughters to know and live the Bible, even from a young age. Hear her thoughts and advice in this rebroadcast of Dr. Bill Maier’s interview with Erin Davis, and read…

Dr. Bill Maier


The art of co-parenting

Divorce affects an entire family, including the children involved. On the weekend edition of Live the Promise, listen as Susie talks with author and speaker Tammy Daughtry. She’s going to help us unpack some principles for raising your children after a divorce, and how to help them thrive in a challenging situation. Tammy’s book…

Susie Larson



Project 143

Today we hear the story behind an important ministry. Paige Clausen is a representative and adoptive family for Project 143, and she’ll talk with Jo about how we can minister to orphans around us this Christmas season. Highlight – Project 143 Project 143 Image: Flickr…


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