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Learning from brokenness

Elisa Morgan is a noted speaker and Christian leader, having lead MOPS International for over 20 years. Yet few know her story, of growing up in a broken family and experiencing the heartbreak of a daughter’s teen pregnancy and a son’s addiction.  She has learned lessons in her brokenness and shares insights from her new book THE…

Carmen LaBerge



Thanksgiving memories of Peppermint Patty and my sister’s hair on fire!

Both of these things remind me of Thanksgiving; which in turn fill my heart with warm fuzzies and thankfulness. It was in the late 80′s, so our hair was big and exteremly flammable thanks to Aqua Net.  Jennifer simply leaned over to ask if someone could pass the rolls and whoosh……a Thanksgiving bonfire. The next few minutes are quite…


Finding Joy

It was 11 years ago when a young woman living in east central China learned she was expecting a baby. She was a hard working wife, but financial resources were very low, and visiting a doctor was out of the question. While she was excited about the life she carried, her joy was tempered by the expectations of her husband and his family.…

Liz Curtis Higgs



Helicopter parenting

We all want our kids to learn, grow, and succeed in life. But it’s so tempting to be there all the time for every need, that our kids never have the opportunity to fail. In the book Be The Parent: Seven Choices You Can Make to Raise Great Kids, we write about choosing to allow failure and success. Let’s take a look at that concept and…


Family time: The bedroom treasure hunt

Here’s a fun family time idea: Let’s go on a treasure hunt! To start this lesson, send each of your kids on a “treasure hunt” to their room. Their job is to find one item in their room that is very special to them, and bring them to share with the family. It’s kind of like an “under the bed show-and-tell”. Have each of your kids…


Four warning signs your teen may be in an abusive relationship

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Parents, pastors, teachers and youth pastors did you know: 40% of girls age 14 to 17 report knowing someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend Nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend had threatened violence or self-harm if the couple…


Voices from the past

A sad reality hit me the other night. As I was talking with my nephew about his deceased grandparents (and great-grandparents), it struck me that I’ve largely forgotten what their voices sounded like. I can hear them pronounce certain words and how they phrased things in my head, but that’s no way to convey that to my nephew. Before…


A king, a toilet, and a cave

One of the things we allow our girls to do as we read through the Bible, is to pull out the crayons and paper and draw something that they heard. This allows them to keep their hands busy, while soaking in the reading. One of my favorite drawings came from our Kindergartener. (And I really wish I had kept it). It was a guy, wearing a crown,…


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Making a fresh start

Kenji Gallo was involved in organized crime and the American Mafia, an informant for the FBI, and then entered Witness Protection Program - but nothing filled the void.

Meridith Foster


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