I’ve worked for many organizations over the years. Some were healthy which made it a joy to go to work every day. Others were not so healthy, and it was hard to feel good about being there. That said, wherever God placed me, I tried to honor Him in the process.

But it is a challenge to respond in a Christ-like way when people are difficult. Complaints and put downs are easy to come by, but not a right attitude.

When you don’t like your job, ask, do I need to find a new job or does my attitude need some readjusting? To help figure this out, consider these 5 warning signs that you or the job needs to change:

  1. You dread going to work most days. A little apprehension when the weekend is over is normal. But when Sunday night rolls around and you start to feel anxious and down, something is not right. Constant dread of the job means you probably need a change of attitude or the actual job.
  2. You have more physical complaints. We carry stress in our physical body as well as our mind. When we are unhappy at work or stressed, physical complaints can increase. This is another warning sign that something needs to change.
  3. You’ve lost excitement. This one is tricky. I worry about how much we fill our lives with thrills and excitement. Our culture is full of ways to constantly stimulate us. Compared to the excitement we can generate outside of work, work can look boring. If that is the case, seriously think about your expectations for the job. Why are you there? Is this God’s provision for you now? Are there reasons to stay even if it is not the most exciting, e.g., good health benefits, pays for college courses, flexibility, etc. Not everything we do should be based on thrills and feelings.
  4. You no longer feel challenged at a job. This might be an indication that you need a new job. Or, you might be able to create new challenges. Is there someone who needs mentoring?  How about creating a new project if you are able? Could you get others interested in a cause, a charity or something of purpose? Or maybe ask to take on a new task. When you are not challenged, it’s easy to become passive instead of thinking creatively how to make the job more interesting.
  5. Your coping skills are becoming unhealthy. If you find yourself eating a lot of cookies at work, choosing comfort foods to calm down, or find yourself at a Happy Hour to relax, you are medicating your discontent. This will only add more problems to your life. Too many people turn to alcohol, food and now cannabis to calm down. These are not healthy ways to cope. We saw this during the pandemic.

Yes, pay attention to these warning signs, but also take time to pray and listen to the Holy Spirit. Ask God to show or renew the purpose he has for you working at a specific job. Maybe you are in a job to encourage others; to be the one who holds the line; or to bring a moral perspective to leadership, etc. Maybe, the Lord is using that difficult job to refine you. Or maybe you are sensing a need to change.

Stay or go, respond to all the challenges in ways that please Him. The Apostle Paul reminds us, “Whatever work you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Now that brings perspective.

Do you need a new job?