Merry Christmas! I wrote this poem a few years ago and wanted to share it with you as we remember the true meaning of the holiday!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, but I felt like a louse!
As I gazed at the packages all in a row,
Too much spending, this much I know.
I slumped to the floor and grabbed hold of my man,
We have only two children. There’s enough here for ten!

We stared at the swollen piles of toys
Surely this is too much for one girl and one boy!
Slowly we picked through the huge bulging pile,
This one can wait for a little more while.
One for next year, maybe one for a treat,
Whittling the stack, our eyes again meet,

We came to our senses,
We lessened the gifts.
Enough was still there
No one would get miffed!

Next year, we pledged
Will be different you’ll see
We’ll keep it in balance
When on Santa’s knee.

While the season is known for its gift giving treats
Christ was born, to sin’s great defeat.
The baby asleep in that manager so small
Would bring to us peace and joy for all.

Our children will know the true meaning of this,
A Christmas where Christ is truly our bliss.
The gifts will remind of the best present to date
A child who came to change our dark fate.

So gather around that more sensible tree
And remember, Jesus, was born for you and for me.

By Dr. Linda Mintle

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