Is it possible to practice self-care in a way that brings healing and wholeness to us and that also helps others flourish in a way that helps them get free?


Jesus didn’t save us to slave us. He saved us because He loves us. He not only secured our eternity, but He also came to set us completely and totally free.

John 8:36

So, if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.

So, what does unselfish self-care look like?

First of all, we can never judge someone else’s story. Some right now are going through a great unearthing (which will one day be the devil’s undoing). They feel raw and exposed and vulnerable. Or maybe they’ve just come through a significant crisis or trauma and they need to recover the sense of who they are and who God is. Their self-care in this particular season needs to be a priority.

Others have maybe neglected their diet, exercise, and alone time with God, but are otherwise doing well. Their priorities and schedule need some tweaking, but they’re otherwise in a good place.

We’re all in different seasons right now, and part of discerning what unselfish self-care may look like is to rightly discern what God is asking of us in this particular season. What He asks is always for our good and for His glory.

Here are a few points to consider as you discern what healthy self-care might look like for you:

  • It’s not selfish to spend time with God, it’s essential for this journey
  • It’s not selfish to schedule time to exercise, have fun, and/or get away to recover after a long stretch of output and hard work
  • It’s not selfish to spend a little money on your health (necessary supplements, counselor, a piece of fitness equipment, etc.)
  • It’s not selfish to prioritize moments that nourish your soul

Here’s what selfish self-care might look like:

  • Living a life of continual leisure and self-indulgence
  • Spending so much time on your own health that you neglect the physical and spiritual health of your loved ones
  • Being so consumed with your wellbeing that you have no bandwidth to sacrifice for others
  • Spending so much time rehearsing your story that you’re no longer sensitive to the story of another

We’re not always going to get it right, but as long as we’re aware of our tendency to swing to one extreme or the other, we’ll learn how embrace a stewardship that bears much fruit and that helps many flourish.

Recently on Susie Larson Live, I spoke with the founder of Revelation Wellness, Alisa Keeton. She writes this prayer for the one who longs to be free:

Dear Jesus, I know that You came to earth to restore my health and well-being and to make it possible for me to be firmly rooted in You. Thank You that You have never wavered in Your desire to set me free with a whole heart. I believe that You are stronger than anyone else’s strength. Thank You for never giving up on me and for being my strength. To honor You, I lay myself at Your feet, knowing that through the power of grace, I will get back on my feet whenever anything knocks me down. Amen.

Here’s to a healthy, whole, and flourishing life!

Unselfish self-care