We pray you are encouraged and strengthened in your faith as you view these summer devotionals!

Allen Jackson

Week 1

Pastor Allen Jackson encourages us from Psalm 50 and how the Lord sees and knows all things.

Beverly Coniaris

Week 2

Beverly Coniaris share the importance of memorizing the Word of God with a passage from Psalm 63.

Jeff Verdoorn

Week 3

Jeff Verdoorn share thoughts from Psalm 22 and how the Lord will never forsake us.

Arlene Pellicane

Week 4

Arlene Pellicane draws from Psalm 115:3-4 and encourages us to go to God before turning to our mobile devices.

Chris Martin

Week 5

Chris Martin encourages us with Colossians 3:23 to do our work unto the Lord and for other people, not only ourselves.

Thann Bennett

Week 6

Thann Bennett draws from 1 Chronicles 28 to remind us that the Lord is on the move today.

Susie Larson

Week 7

Susie Larson shares encouragement from Jeremiah 15 on stewarding and reframing our perspectives through an eternal lens.

Neil Stavem

Week 8

Neil Stavem shares a roadmap from Proverbs to help us navigate life’s journey.

Robert Morgan

Week 9

​​Robert J. Morgan describes the throne of God and all of its radiance revealed to us in Ezekiel 1.

Carmen LaBerge

Week 10

Carmen reminds us that as hard as loss is, we grieve with eternal hope.

Alan Wright

Week 11

Pastor Alan Wright encourages us with a study from Isen and Levin, conducted in 1972 investigating the relationship between “feeling good” and helping others.

Addison Bevere

Week 12

Addison dives into Joel 2:12 and shares 3 words that have the power to change our lives.