As Christians, we have to decide what to do with Halloween. Do we ignore it, participate with our neighbors, do our own thing, go to a church harvest party, or what? Is it better to engage the culture, have a voice in the festivities or retreat?

And this year, we have an extra layer of consideration. Should we be doing Halloween activities in the middle of a pandemic?

To decide, research the roots of Halloween in order to understand what the holiday is about- this is how you inform yourself with facts. Then, pay attention to what you believe the Lord is telling you to do, and talk as a family. Pray for wisdom and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, not other people. When you decide what to do, help your children understand the position you take and why.

Other people should respect your decision, especially if you have had any personal encounters with the dark side of the spirit world in your family or through the generations. And if your decision is simply based on the idea that you don’t like what Halloween stands for and do not want to participate, you don’t need the approval of others.

And this year, review the recommendations from the CDC as they have published low, moderate and high-risk activities in terms of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. These recommendations may change your mind on what you ultimately do. For example, high risk is participating in traditional door-to door trick or treating, trunk or treat in large parking lots, hay rides on tractor trailers with people you do not know or have in your household, and rural festivals that are in hot spot areas.

Whatever you do, my caution is not to create more division among your community. We have enough of that already. Many use this holiday to engage their neighbors in conversations about spiritual things. Others feel, they can dress up or put candy in a basket for neighbors to take from themselves.

One of the best things that comes out of deciding what to do with Halloween is that it awakens us to the reality that evil exists and isn’t some Hollywood fantasy.

So, no matter what you decide, know this. Jesus overcame all evil so we don’t have to fear. He overcame the darkness (1 John 4:4) and triumphed over death and evil. And every day His overcoming power works in us when we are one of His.

Assure your children that no matter what they encounter, they are covered by the precious blood of Christ, not scary, vampire blood, but the blood of Lamb. Greater is He that is in us, then he that is in the world.

What to do with Halloween

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