Salvation: it’s the most incredible, supernatural concept we can fathom! What does it truly mean to be saved?

Discover the depths of our salvation in Christ with Bill Arnold and Dr. Peter Kapsner, as they ask top theologians and apologists about the glorious God who saves, how/why we are saved, and how to understand salvation as not only a future promise, but a present reality.

Bill Arnold and Peter Kapsner – Salvation Series introduction

Randy Newman – We have a multi-faceted gem of salvation

Bill Arnold and Peter Kapsner – Victory over sin and death

Craig Keener – Eternal life starts now

Ian Paul – Salvation is God’s wide open space

Darrell B. Harrison – Resting assured in salvation

Lee Strobel makes the case for Christ

Becky Pippert – Sharing the gospel with others

J. Warner Wallace – Saved to be raised (salvation and resurrection)

David Clark on faith and works

BONUS – Jeff Verdoorn – God’s priceless free gift