Episode #280 — To all outward appearances, Jason Biddle was a success at everything he tried. He was an entrepreneur, a family man & a community leader. But he was working overtime to conceal the reality – he was deeply addicted to drugs & alcohol. And the cycle of abuse he was trapped in would nearly kill him. No matter what he tried, he just couldn’t pull himself out.

It’s a sickness I can’t even describe. Even when a doctor would tell you, ‘Hey, you’ve got liver cancer. I just cut out this huge tumor.’ And I still go out with staples in my stomach to the liquor store and drink because I’m so physically addicted to it. That’s how bad it is, and don’t know until you’ve got some really good sobriety that you find out what it was that was causing you to get to that point in the first place. I’ve got stories of friends that have died, and they had years of sobriety. Then, all of a sudden, a downward spiral. I mean, that’s where it’s going to end up – in jail or in death.”

But the pivot point of Jason’s life was on the way. What took him there nearly killed him. He suffered an overdose that induced a massive seizure. In the hospital, with his vital organs literally shutting down, the doctors told his family they didn’t believe Jason would live 48 more hours.

“It was mid September. I remember praying out to God, ‘God. I’m so physically addicted that you’re You’re going to have to do something. I need a consequence out of this. I need to get a DUI, or give me an accident. Wake me up.'”

“I got the answer to the prayer two weeks later. My wife was out of town, and I had the kids here at the house. I just remember  mixing a drink, and I think I took a painkiller and ordered a pizza. And then I woke up in the hospital. And – from what I understand – I had a seizure in my own home. Now I’m in the hospital hanging by a thread on life support. Then, slowly but surely, over three days they started seeing my vitals start going back up. On day six, lo and behold, I wake up. I remember everything from the minute I woke up to this day.”

Jason’s doctors described his recovery with one word – miraculous.

“When I was actually walking and doing box jumps four days after I wake up from a coma, the doctor said, ‘You should be dead! Here’s your brain when you came in.’ And she showed me a picture of the scan that day, and the current day. She said, ‘It’s almost like it never happened! There’s no damage there anymore.’ It’s an absolute miracle.”

Jason Biddle is a recording artist & a speaker with one of the most incredible stories of faith and redemption you’ll ever hear – his brand new single is called “Come on in” & his debut record is Redemption House.

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On the Road with Jason Biddle

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