We hear a lot about marital problems, but what about couples who are happily married?

A national survey (the National Survey of Marital Strengths) was conducted on 21,501 married couples from all 50 state, using the assessment tool called ENRICH. The purpose of the survey was to identify what it is that happy couples do compared to unhappy couples.

The survey identified ten distinguishing strengths of happy couples.

  1. Communication: Partners agreed that they are satisfied with how they talk to each other.
  2. Couples agreed that they were creative in how they handled differences.
  3. Closeness: Couples agreed about feeling close to each other.
  4. Couples felt that their personalities were compatible.
  5. Conflict resolution: Couples agreed that they felt understood when discussing problems.
  6. Couples were satisfied with the level of affection and sexuality in the relationship.
  7. Couples agreed on leisure activities.
  8. Couples agreed on issues related to family and friends.
  9. Couples agreed on issues related to financial matters.
  10. Couples agreed on issues related to their spiritual beliefs.

I hope you see that it is the agreement on issues that boosts the happiness quotient for couples. It makes sense because couples who agree with each other have less conflict and fight less often.

So, take a look at your relationship. Do a mental check on where you fall on these ten items. Working towards agreement in these critical areas could lead to feeling happier as a couple. And happy couples have a much better chance of staying together.

Secrets of happy couples