Are you haunted by a memory of the past? Beating yourself up over something you did or didn’t do? Through the door of shame, the enemy plants deep-seeded lies into our minds and hearts – lies we sometimes believe for decades. Clinical therapist Dr. Marcus Bachmann wants Christians to remember the truth about who we are in Christ, regardless of our past failures or mistakes.

“Just because we have done bad things, it doesn’t mean that we are bad. There’s a huge difference. Shame will say that there’s something internally, something terribly dark and wrong with you. Then the next trick that Satan has is silence, ‘Don’t tell anyone because you’re such a bad person, you’re not worthy of having your story be heard. Keep it to yourself.’”

As a result, we walk around feeling ashamed of who we are and start to believe that something is internally wrong with ourselves, when in reality, it was all a part of Satan’s destructive plan from the start.

Another lie that the enemy torments us with is the belief that our identity is determined by our worldly successes or failures. Dr. Bachmann explains,

“For example, if a person doesn’t finish up school, there is nothing bad about that person that they didn’t finish school. They may feel that it wasn’t the right choice, but that doesn’t mean that they are internally and shamefully bad.”

If you have been believing similar lies, Dr. Bachmann says it’s time to start focusing on what you can do, rather than ruminating on what you did or didn’t do in the past.

“I really believe that being in the palm of God’s hand is key. Knowing that you’re doing the work that God has called you to do…for that person who’s in the nursing home, or a person who is in that lower paying job, what a joy it is to see people who have a sense of knowing they’re in God’s will.”

What is the lie Satan is trying to get you to believe today? That you aren’t good enough? That you don’t measure up? That your past dictates your future? Open up your Bible right now and ask God to reveal the truth about who you really are in Christ. Start to replace the lies with the promises of God’s Word.

Dr. Marcus Bachmann, president of Counseling Care, has been a clinical therapist in the Twin Cities for more than 20 years. Marcus is a popular conference speaker with practical insights, biblical principles, and humor interwoven in his messages.

Resting in the truth about who you are in Christ