Laura Story was ready to move on from her dreams of a career in music. The soon-to-be newlywed was back from Nashville and figured it was time to focus more on ministry at the church level—which she absolutely loved. Then she got a phone call.

“So, four days before I got married I got this call. I had kind of put the whole music thing on the back burner. I got this call from Ed Cash, who had been a friend of mine from when we had done Young Life together in the Carolinas.”

“He was recording this not-so-well-known at the time artist named Chris Tomlin. This was his first record. And he said, ‘Yeah, Chris is looking for another single. Do you remember that song you shared with me called, “Indescribable?” Would you have any interest in Chris recording this?'”

It was the timing she never saw coming for the connection that would ignite something special.

“At the time, I was thinking, ‘I don’t even know if I’m going to do this long term anyway. So go for it!’ So it was neat to see. That was kind of the beginning. Those were the early years.”

But as Laura and her new husband stepped into their life together, they encountered a stunning turn of events.

“Within the first two years, Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which has been a huge part of our story. He had surgery to remove it, but still had a lot of residual brain injury because of the surgery and the tumor. So he lives with disabilities. It’s an interesting life! It’s certainly not the life we pictured, but there’s a sweetness about it. Because we’re leaning on Jesus everyday. We do not know what we’re doing!”

“We have four kids, and I’m still doing this traveling all over the place, music thing. So it’s kind of like a three ring circus, but we’re learning that the the key to finding peace—it really is this whole giving up thing. Learning to surrender, and say, ‘It’s OK that it looks different than what I expected. It’s an opportunity for me to trust God.'”

Laura Story is the dynamic recording artist behind songs like “Mighty to Save” & “Blessings”. Her new single “I Give Up” & the book of the same name are both available now. 

On the Road with Laura Story

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