Are you struggling to find contentment in the workplace? Are you questioning if your work is making a difference?

Business leader Cary Humphries from the Best Christian Workplaces Institute emphasizes that the work we are doing right now matters to God. Even if you are not working at your dream job, God still uses the work of our hands for His glory and eternal purposes.

“The Lord has called each of us in different seasons and different places. Some are home with children and full of gifts and skills to do things with adults, and yet, in this season they’ve made a decision to be home. Some are working in a role that they feel like doesn’t fully utilize their gifts and skills, and they’re trying to connect in church or a community to apply some of those gifts and skills in other ways.”

“Author Jerry Bridges in his book Trusting God reminds us that God is good, He is loving and He is completely sovereign. He has us where He has us right now for His good pleasure. It maybe that He’s working in your heart to be doing something different. But to know that He’s on His throne and there’s no mistake where you are.”

God has strategically placed each of us where we are to reflect His image. We are called to bear the image of God everywhere we go, including the workplace.

“As image bearers we are workers, and He was and is the worker that we are to model. We don’t make things out of nothing, only He make something out of nothing, but we can create and have an impact where we are.”

If you’re struggling to understand how God wants to use your talents, passions and skills, Cary says it’s important to get plugged into a community of believers that can walk alongside you during this season of transition.

“The time is now to get in community and plug into a vibrant body of Christ. So that when you need it, they’re there for you and you’re there for other people. Just that idea of walking in the body as you’re wrestling with, ‘What does God want me to do next?’ Let people speak into your life and allow the Lord to use the Holy Spirit in your life. Let His Word and the counsel of others to guide you where He wants you to be.”

As we place our lives in God’s hands, we can trust that He is using us where we are to make an impact for His Kingdom purposes.  

Cary Humphries is the Central Region Director for the Best Christian Workplaces Institute. Cary provides client services to ministries through the introduction of the BCWI engagement survey and consulting tools and support in action implementation. Helping leaders and their organizations succeed is Cary’s focus.

Why your work matters to God