There are 70,000 elections happening across the country in November. This means there is an incredible opportunity for Christians to bring biblical values into the voting booths and make a significant impact in our communities.

My Faith Votes is a nonpartisan movement focused on motivating Christians in America to participate in local and national elections. My Faith Votes’ CEO Jason Yates encourages everyone to do three things: Pray. Think. Vote.

“When we say pray – pray about our nation, pray for our leaders, but pray about our vote. Bring that before God and seek Him in your decisions. When we say think – think biblically about the issues and then go to the poles and vote.”

The voting process allows us to stand up for the biblical values that we care about.

“God expects us to be good stewards of what we’ve been given. Galatians 6:10 says, ‘Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good unto all men.’ As I think about that verse, I think we can apply that to voting. Voting is an opportunity that we have been given to weigh in and bring the values of our faith into the voting booth.”

My Faith Votes’ Communication Director, Audrea Decker, spearheaded the “Because I Care” campaign, helping the next generation understand the value of civic engagement from a faith perspective. She shares her heart behind the inception of the campaign.

“You don’t have to care about politics, a particular party or a particular candidate. But what you do need to care about is biblical values lived out in every area of our lives – including the political process – and bringing those proven biblical principles into the public square and into the voting booths.”

As believers, we need to rise up and be heard at the intersection of faith and politics. We are invited to participate in the voting process and bring Christian values back into our society.

Jason Yates has over 25 years of proven leadership experience in strategy development, marketing, and product development from Fortune 100 companies.  In 2015, his passion to see Christians act on their faith to make a difference in their communities and our nation led him to leave corporate America and assume the role of CEO of My Faith Votes at its inception.

Audrea Decker is best known for her work engaging her generation in the political process. She is the Founder and President of im2moro, a non-profit organization she founded at just 16 years old. In addition to serving as the President of im2moro, she also serves as My Faith Votes Communication Director.

The significance of the Christian vote