Fear or faith? Which will it be?

Jenna was offered a job. She prayed and felt a peace about taking it. During her first few months, she began to notice a great deal of organizational dysfunction including a boss who was not so kind. Fear gripped Jenna. Did she make a mistake? Should she have taken this job? She knew the position was important to her career path, but was also full of self-doubt and fear. There were a number of obstacles to overcome.

Taylor started her new job at the same time and place as Jenna. She noticed many of the same problems as Jenna and also encountered the unkind boss. Same place, same problems, but Taylor had a very different reaction. She was filled with hope, not fear.

What accounted for the very different reactions to the same workplace problems?

1.  Taylor remembered the promises of God. She too prayed but wasn’t fearing her future. She was confident that God led her to this position and would be faithful to help her work through the difficulties. She might even win over the unkind boss! Taylor could have second guessed herself and focused on the uncertainty and problems. Instead, she employed Psalm 34 and believed God would deliver her from all her fears. She needed the job and knew God had opened this door. Her lens for viewing the job was one of trusting God’s faithfulness and not giving in to fear.

2.  Taylor saw the problems and some of them were big. But no job is without difficulties. She needed to stay strong. She named her fears and reminded herself that nothing was too difficult for God. Conflict would come, but she could handle that conflict with God’s help. Whatever the obstacles, she would move in faith, not fear, trusting God to help her.

3.  Taylor trusted in God’s power, not her own. She said to herself, “God’s got this! Fear can’t win. God is on my side. If God is for me, who can be against me?” The Lord will fight for her as promised in Scripture. Taylor was not meant to fight her battles alone. The battle is the Lord’s and He goes before her. Knowing she could face anything with God’s help gave her hope.

The journey from fear to faith