Mentoring is more than giving someone advice. God uses it to weave His people together and advance the gospel message. 

Author, speaker, and mentor to men Vince Miller talks about the vital role of mentorship and how important it is for Christians to live out this biblical mandate today. Vince shares how his grandfather invested into his life and how it impacted him from a very young age.

“I grew up in a home that did not know Christ. My father was an atheist and my mom was an agnostic. We didn’t even use God’s name as a curse word in our house. That was how serious of a home it was against Christ.”

“Mom was really hurt by the church over many years and then kind of walked away from it. After my biological dad left and then my stepdad left, my grandfather stepped in and he was a Christian man.”

Through his grandfather’s mentorship and Christian leadership, Vince came to know Jesus Christ as his personal savior. He shares what he learned during that period of time as a new believer.

“I came to discover that my mom and dad were right about some things; that Christians can be very hypocritical and the church is full of broken people. But I also came to discover that my faith was not built on the back of Christians, nor the church. It was built on the back of a man named Jesus Christ who loved me and gave his life for me.”

“That was a very significant realization for me — that the Christian message of grace, love and forgiveness was really reinforced by Jesus’ life. Once I saw that I couldn’t turn away from it. And I saw it through the mentorship of my grandfather.”

His grandfather reached into his life and taught him practical life skills that helped him to navigate his way through the teenage years. That led to spiritual conversations and ultimately led to his heart transformation.

“He taught me basic things like how to shave, how to treat women, table manners, how to drive his 1958 Chevy Apache pickup truck, and from those moments we had a lot of interactions, not only about skills in life but about Christ Himself.”

“As you can imagine with learning how to drive an old truck like that you’ve got a lot of down time when you’re just talking about things. We talked about life, consequences, sin, problems, his mistakes, my mistakes, my family situation, his family situation, etc. And it afforded itself a lot of opportunity to mentor me.”

“Now I share that message with tens of thousands of other people across planet earth telling them that mentorship is God’s solution to advancing the message of Jesus Christ.”

As we take another person under our wing and mentor them along their journey, they will learn how to live an honorable life that is pleasing to Christ and help to advance the gospel message.

Vince Miller is founder of Resolute, a non-profit organization focused on providing men with tools for discipleship and mentorship. He’s written 13 books and handbooks, along with small group videos that are resources for mentorship. He also produces The Men’s Daily Devo And The Man Talk Podcast. His Latest Book Is A Devotional And Mentoring Guide For Men Called Thirty Virtues That Build A Man.

Vince Miller on the importance of mentoring others