The highly anticipated movie is out!  I Can Only Imagine tells the moving story of the writing of one of the most powerful songs in CCM history.

In a very special conversation with MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard, he gives us a fascinating look inside the project. First, Bart reflects on the surreal process of having your life play out in front of you on a big screen.

The Surreal Situation

It’s pretty incredible from the viewers’ perspective just how closely the actors Brody Rose & J. Michael Finley are able to mirror Bart on screen. But – as the man himself – what did Mr. Millard think?! And was he able to be a resource as the actor’s prepared?

On His Portrayal

If you’re thinking to yourself, okay – I know MercyMe and love their music, but I’m not too familiar with Bart’s personal story – he’s here to help.

Setting up the Story

One of the funniest moments in the film deals with Bart’s musical debut. Did he really begin his singing career by being involuntarily cast in a high school production of Oklahoma?!


Another highly entertaining section of the movie details how Bart joined with the gentleman that would come to be MercyMe. He didn’t come to the show that night to sing!

I Know the Words

To discover even more about Bart’s incredible story, listen to our full conversation below. To find a theater playing I Can Only Imagine, go right here.

On the Road with Bart Millard